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Every year, your dealership spends thousands attracting new business.

What are you spending to keep it?

Build life-long relationships with your customers…

Know Your Car Night Presentation
The Car Lady presents your customers with knowledge, skills and practical tips to empower them as car owners. Since 2001, The Car Lady has worked with more than 100 dealerships across Canada to increase their customer retention and satisfaction.

Our presentations give dealerships a “second chance at a first impression” – to build long-term and loyal relationships with your customers. Because loyal customers are repeat customers.

Create Customers for Life!

Row of Tires
A Five-Tire Review

Christine and her team are an interactive complement to our customer experience here at Guelph Toyota. In fact, our customers raved for weeks after the experience, noting how fun and informative The Car Lady was!

A true genuine experience and I strongly recommend Christine and her team.

We look forward to every Know Your Car Night presentation. Our average group size is 40 customers, and everyone leaves smiling and excited to come back to Guelph Toyota for service.

Michael Tavares, General Manager • GUELPH TOYOTA • Know Your Car Night

Presentations and Services

Know Your Car Night

Increase your customer retention. Show your appreciation for your customers’ recent purchases by hosting a Know Your Car Night presentation at your dealership!

Introduce your customers to the dealership and its departments in a relaxed and comfortable setting. This “second delivery” allows you to set the expectation of vehicle maintenance and service being performed by your dealership experts.

Build customers for life offering an energetic, educational and positive experience through the second delivery of a Know Your Car Night presentation.

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Women at the Wheel

Women At The Wheel

Build better relationships. Empower your female customers and show them that you value their business.

Women are the primary decision makers and buyers of many big-ticket items, including cars! By hosting Women at the Wheel car care clinics, your dealership will develop better relationships with women who value good and caring service.

Our Women at the Wheel car care clinics will help to increase the understanding of the benefits of regular car maintenance. Knowledge is power, and women appreciate professional, expert advice – woman to woman.

Demos, Launches + VIP EVENTS

Ensure a polished dealership event. Be fully prepared with a compelling demonstration and well-planned event.

When your dealership has new products to demonstrate or launch, how you present to attendees and potential customers can determine your success.

The Car Lady can help to make sure your new product demonstrations and launches – and other dealership VIP events – are planned and polished to roll out without a hitch, and engage and offer value to attendees so you’ll have them asking you to fill their order!

A Five-Tire Review
It’s been a pleasure having Christine and her team on board to host these great events at our dealerships and she is also very appreciative in her message for our team and our journey together.

WEINS CANAda • The weins way

The Car Lady Experience

Auto Smart

The Car Lady team likes cars, people and fun. Put together, your attendees will:

  • Benefit from our extensive under-the-hood experience with many vehicle makes and models.
  • Laugh and learn about their new vehicle in an unforgettable, definitely-not-boring presentation.

Skilled Presenters

We are skilled, virtually unflappable presenters who:

  • Communicate your services and amenities in a professional, concise manner.
  • Present practical information in an interactive and entertaining way.
  • Articulate complicated concepts in clear, fun and easy-to-understand ways.

Dealership Specific

Our presentations and services are tailored to your specific dealership. You can expect:

  • High-quality, cost-effective turnkey presentations.
  • Demos or VIP events with specific goals.
  • Feedback from attendees gathered verbally and on comment cards.

Value Added

In addition to our presentations and event planning, The Car Lady also:

  • Plans new product launches, demos and other VIP special events.
  • Develops attendance strategies to maximize turnout, build referrals and renew relationships.
  • Designs pre-event marketing and promotion materials.

Give your dealership a “second chance at a first impression” with your customers, and free up your staff to do what they do best – sell and service vehicles!

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